Basic Monthly Pass: $25.00

Granger Location: $29.00

Soft touch wash, foaming shampoos, spot free rinse, dry.

Once your payment has been received you will receive an email with instructions on activating your monthly pass.
Note: Please list your closest Soapy Sam's or Lighthouse Car Wash location below AND your phone number prior to clicking the "buy now" button. Failing to do so could result in your monthly pass being voided with no refunds.

Your code is valid for 1 use per day. Times run from Midnight to Midnight. You can exchange your code for an RFID Tag that will allow you to wash 1 vehicle an unlimited number of times during your purchased pass period. Please call (574) 314-6677 to request an RFID Tag. Thank You

Recurring Payments

Would you prefer to have this monthly pass set up on auto-pay? Simply put your closest Soapy Sams or Lighthouse location in the text below and hit subscribe. No contracts and you can cancel anytime! You must have a Paypal account to set up recurring payments.


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SUV in Soapy Sam's car wash being wiped with mitter curtains