Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Soapy Sam's so unique?

Soapy Sam's uses a new state of the art conveyor belt system that is among the first in Michiana. With this new system, your wheels never touch the ground!

Is this new system safe to my auto?

The new system is actually safer for your car or truck than other standard car washes! Come try it and see for yourself!

If I only want detailing, do I have to get the car wash?

No way! If you are just coming for a quick interior detail then that is all we will do for you.

I heard you have an unlimited wash system. Is there truly no limit?

If you want to run your vehicle through the wash 10 times a day, that is up to you! You can actually choose between three different unlimited plans with Soapy Sam's. Click here to learn more about our monthly unlimited programs.

Your car wash damaged my vehicle. How do I contact you about this?

While the chances of damage incurring while in any Soapy Sam's location is rare, at times it could happen. If so, click here to print the damage claim form.